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The Originals Midseason Finale: What Price Is Klaus Willing to Pay to Save Baby Hope?

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It’s the reunion The Originals has been building to all season long.

On Monday’s midseason finale, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) will finally get to see the child they gave up to protect in the show’s first season finale. And that’s not the only big reunion of the night. The episode will also feature Original parents Esther (Sonja Sohn) and Mikael (Sebastian Roche) coming face-to-face for the first time in 1,000 years. But while the first of the two meetings will be filled with joy, it’s also fraught with the terror that looms if and when Esther learns the Mikaelson firstborn is alive and well.

What lengths will Klaus go to protect his daughter? And will Esther ultimately unite with Mikael in his quest to take Klaus down? Plus: Will Hayley proceed with plans to wed Jackson (Nathan Parsons) or finally re-address her feelings for Elijah (Daniel Gillies)? turned to executive producer Michael Narducci to get the scoop.


Will Hayley and Klaus’ reunion with Hope be a tearful one?
Michael Narducci: It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for since the end of last season when Auntie Bex (Claire Holt) had to take the baby into hiding and the world had to believe that the child is dead. But now that Esther has been able to take them down and they’re on the run, the whole family has reunited in a safe location, and they need to have a big family discussion about what is the best thing to do to protect the baby and take down Esther. So it’s a happy reunion, everyone is safe and healthy, but it’s also the eve of a great and challenging battle. What do they do to prevent their mother from finding about this baby? If that advantage were taken away from them and if Esther knew the baby was alive they’d be in a lot of trouble so they’ll have to work hard to figure out what to do.

But at least Klaus looks happy!
 I think it’s wonderful to see him smile [but] the moment you actually have something to lose is the scariest. Now that he has found some sense of joy and happiness, he has to make some tough decisions about what he’ll do to protect that.

Could seeing Hope bring Hayley and Klaus together in a way we haven’t seen?
 There’s a really interesting connection that they have, and Klaus will [learn] what Hayley is going to do in order to help and free her people. Klaus is a strategic, visionary master manipulator, and I think he knows that Hayley marrying Jackson and these werewolves gaining power and forming an alliance and Hayley having control of those werewolves is a much better situation than Finn having control of the werewolves. So, it’s to the benefit not only to the Mikaelson family, but his child, if Hayley goes through with this wedding. At the same time, Klaus and his devious way knows Hayley might be a little reluctant to engage in that wedding because of her lingering feelings for Elijah. So I think Klaus’ perspective… is wanting the mother of his child to not have another husband because that husband might be a threat to his role as sole father to Baby Hope. But he knows that strategically there are alliances to be made.


How long will Hayley struggle with her duty to the pack vs. her heart?
I think this is the episode where we’re going to see her struggle with that and the first thing she has to do is decide whether or not she wants to be honest with Elijah. Then we have to see the scene, if there is one, where Elijah and Hayley come face-to-face and talk out the pros and cons of what she’s thinking of doing. Then it becomes a situation where Hayley says, “What’s more important, my heart and my instincts and my love for one of these men? Or is it a clear opportunity to provide a defensive asset we can use to protect that baby [which] is the most important thing to me? So for honor, for duty to protect my people and save them from enslavement and to have a werewolf army I can use to protect my child, maybe I have to really consider going forward with this.”

With Elijah, we’re seeing the lasting effects of being tortured by his mom. Will he unravel?
Narducci: There’s a big storyline going forward for Elijah where he’s having a hard time keeping control of what Esther has unleashed within in him. True to form, Elijah realizes this red door, this capacity to violence, is something he’s been able to control for 1,000 years and he might not be able to control it anymore. So he has to figure out how to control it, if there’s a way to control it, and if there’s a way to his benefit to let that door swing open and use his ferocity as an advantage against those who have threatened his family. What cost might that have if he were to do so? Elijah will always behave in the most noble way, but he is a vampire and there’s a cost to that existence which Elijah will have to explore.

Esther seems to have no one left by her side. How will she carry out her plan?
Does she have no one left on her side? Finn (Yusuf Gatewood) has been captured and Kol (Daniel Sharman) has betrayed her, but she knows Mikael is out there. The truth is Esther’s goals and Mikael’s goals are not completely dissimilar. Mikael wants to take down Klaus and Esther knows that Klaus will never take her deal. He rejected that offer quite harshly when he not only killed Ansel but left Ansel’s body for Esther to find. So, she knows that as long as Klaus is rejecting her and in control of the family she won’t be able to save Rebekah or Elijah either. So, now she has to decide if it’s worth making an alliance with Mikael, who would take care of Klaus and then she can maybe save the remainder of her family.


How much more will we learn about Esther’s first child Freya and her deal with Dalia?
There is a huge storyline coming up that’s going to address that very thing. There will be subtle hints of that in [this] episode for the careful viewer who really watches the show and asks the right questions.

Cami has been marked as a vessel. How will she try to escape Esther’s plan?
Narducci: As we learned in the last episode, Cami (Leah Pipes) is the perfect vessel for Rebekah because she’s smart and talented and insightful, but also someone who doesn’t have a lot of friends and family. And we know Klaus would never let anything happen to Cami, so it’s [not] just a matter of killing the vessel and Rebekah going back into her original body. So, it’s a win-win for Esther. And realizing this Cami is now desperate to find a way to save herself. [This is] going to lead to one of my favorite scenes, which is a confrontation between Cami and Finn.  Finn is now outed as the master manipulator who has been setting Cami up for this, and Cami the psychologist, Cami the student of the human soul, has an opportunity to say, “Why are you doing this?” Finn’s response really helps define how, in Finn’s mind, he is the hero of this series. He believes absolutely, with almost a fanatical zeal-like way, that he’s doing the right thing and you kind of pause like, “Wow, he actually has some strong points.” It’s one of my favorite moments.

What’s your final tease for the finale and the second half of the season?
 There is definitely a resolution … but there’s definitely a cliff-hanger that will launch into a series of storylines coming up. You’ll be shocked by how the status quo is completely different by the end of the episode. Right now we are preparing to shoot Episode 14, and so much of what we hint at in [this episode] is coming to fruition in such a strong way. So, I’m really excited for this run from Episode 10 to 14, which is really stellar and people are going to go crazy.

The Originals midseason finale airs Monday at 8/7c on The CW and returns on January 19.

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The Originals Scoop: Will the Holidays Bring Hayley and Elijah Back Together?

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A little eggnog and mistletoe might be exactly what Hayley and Elijah need to patch things up on The Originals.



“I wouldn’t go writing off Hayley and Elijah anytime soon,” executive producer Julie Plec told reporters during a recent set visit. “Along with the holidays often come some joy and cheer in that area, too.”

Elijah has been keeping Hayley at a distance in Season 2 because, as Plec explained, “He genuinely believes that if he loves too deeply, he will hurt the person that he cares for.” Ironically, though, he has been hurting Hayley by avoiding her; in the final two episodes of the year, “she’ll finally get to confront him about that.”







And while you shouldn’t expect things to be all “flowers and rainbows” between the couple, Plec said that by the end of the show’s 2014 run, we’ll have “a sense of where everybody stands in that relationship.”

The Originals airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

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EXCLUSIVE: The Originals Sebastian Roché talks Mikael’s future mayhem, Fringe & more

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Sebastian Roché, one of the most prolific character actors in television, has been giving the characters on The CW’s The Originals hell now that his character Mikael is on the loose and furious. After the stunning events of last week’s episode, “Red Door,” expect Mikael to return, although not right away, to cause more mayhem as season two of The Originals continues, said Roché in an exclusive interview with Blastr.


“He’s truly a force to be reckoned with. He is a badass. He’s a total badass, I have to admit,” said Roché. “He’s so angry. I describe him like a volcano about to erupt perpetually. He’s a fascinating character.”

In “Red Door” Roché gave a tour de force performance as Mikael when it took nearly all The Originals antiheroes to defeat him and save Klaus. In the end, while Klaus was saved and Mikael was defeated, Daddy Dearest escaped to cause mayhem another day.

“It’s a testament, actually, to those two wonderful writers, Declan de Barra and Diane Ademu-John. They always write so well. They especially write very well to my character. They always add this dimension of emotion,” he said.

Roché — who’s created memorable characters like Kurt Mendel on Odyssey 5, Thomas Jerome Newton on Fringe and Balthazar on Supernatural — has been enjoying his angry character, Mikael, a man born in the middle ages when the phrase “tough love” had a whole different meaning. He and his wife Esther, a witch, are the parents of the Original vampires, and both have been major antagonists in the events that have driven The Originals’ second season so far.

As for the startling events this season, “suddenly there are these new relationships starting to form. I’ve seen new actors come into the equation who are really wonderful. There’s going to be a deepening of the relationship between Davina and Kol … I think that’s a really interesting dynamic starting to happen. What’s interesting too is that the character of Kol is rebelling against his family. And, of course, what I found really interesting in ‘Red Door’ is the acknowledgment that Elijah is a monster. He’s as much a monster as Klaus, but it’s something that he’s repressed for centuries. I love the fact that Esther … Is she truthful?” he asked.

Indeed. In “Red Door” Esther held Elijah captive and tortured him with the truth, at least her truth.

“It’s a sort of ping-pong match between how evil my wife and I are. The world’s worst parents,” said Roché with a laugh. “But I’m hoping there’s going to be … I really don’t know where they’re going to go with it, to tell you the truth. I’m just hoping there’s going to be interrelations between the characters. I think it’s a really interesting dynamic.”

As for his character, Mikael, he’s “such a polarizing figure that he can’t be in every episode. Which is, I think, a good thing. Otherwise he would always be there as the baddie. It would become a little redundant because he would come in, fight, and of course you’ve got to keep your regular actors. I think it’s good that he comes in, he leaves, he comes back,” he said.

However, the actor promises Mikael will return. “I am going to be in episodes nine and ten. But there are going to be some interesting developments as far as family is concerned. I can’t really say more than that. But there are going to be some interesting encounters and interesting alliances in the future that we wouldn’t expect in the future episodes. And then, of course, after those episodes I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m in the dark as much as you are,” said Roché.

It’s a role he relishes, he admitted. “It’s unique in the sense that it’s a role that demands a lot from the actor. What I love about this role is how well he’s been written. I love relying on the emotion and the pathos of the character before he became this vengeful creature. What I love about him is that period of history where everything switched, when he was trying to protect his children. Of course. there was always that history with Klaus, but I always feel that this man is just misunderstood. He was wronged and then became this uber being, and therefore, because of having been wronged, became this uber, uber revengeful being,” he said.

“He’s been betrayed by his own family. I think that’s what they conveyed so well in that scene that I have with Cami where he says, ‘They betrayed me. They murdered my wife. They did the most unspeakable act.’ This doesn’t come from nothing. Of course, as you harbor the pain over a thousand years, I think it snowballs. It takes on a different life of its own as you go through centuries,” said Roché.

“But I truly see a human aspect to the character. What’s so interesting to do with him is to try and basically … try and give the audience that there isn’t only that terrifying side to Mikael. There are other things. It’s a fascinating role to play. It requires an unbelievable amount of energy. I’m usually completely exhausted after playing him because he drains so much revengeful energy with him,” he said.

Indeed, Mikael has become another great character for Roché. But sci-fi fans aren’t likely to let go of the other significant characters he’s played recently, like Balthazar or Thomas Jerome Newton.

Balthazar on Supernatural “was a real fun character because he was … of course I wasn’t exactly Balthazar per se, but I think a lot of myself ended up in the character. I think he’s a character that’s very close to my [heart]. That was highly enjoyable to do and I appreciate the amount of humor. I’m someone who actually adores humor,” he said.

As for Fringe’s Thomas Jerome Newton, the leader of the shapeshifters who started out as just a frozen head, “that was a guy who I was truly sad when I met my demise. But I remember that scene. There was a great scene in the prison. He was a very interesting character who was always in control. I loved the character on Fringe. Very much so,” said Roché.

“There were many others in other shows that I’d done, like Odyssey 5. That was a long time ago. There were many other characters too that I played in films. Actually, a recent one was in an independent film that I’m very proud of called Phantom Halo. But it’s not actually a sci-fi film. It was a labor of love. It’s probably some of my best work to date. I’ve done so many characters. I truly love them all because I put my own spin on them. They become very important to me,” he said.

That’s especially true of Mikael on The Originals, said Roché. He hopes “we continue on, because I love the character so much. I just hope that he doesn’t have a sudden and unexpected death. It would be a pity, I think.”

The series has “really gotten better. It was great from the beginning, but I think it’s gotten even more fascinating. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen,” said Roché.

The Originals airs on the CW on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

Do you think Mikael will make it to the end of the season?





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The Originals 2.05 “Red Door” Extended Promo

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The Originals 2.05 ” Red Door” Promo

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The Originals 2.04 “Live and Let Die” Extended Promo

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The Originals 2.04 “Live and Let Die” Promo

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The Originals’ Charles Michael Davis on Marcel’s New Crew, Future With Cami

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[Cami and Marcel] are both doing the responsible thing, given the state of New Orleans right now,” Charles Michael Davis tells TVLine of the twosome who appeared hot and heavy just three weeks ago. “Cami represents the human faction and Marcel is in charge of the vampires. It’s probably not the best time to start a relationship. We both just need a little time.”

Below, Davis discusses Marcel’s future in the Big Easy, including which of his new trainees will challenge him the most, and what we’ll learn about him via flashbacks.



TVLINE | If not Cami, who will Marcel be spending the bulk of his time with this season?
He floats around a little bit. He’ll be spending the bulk of his time with Elijah and Hayley. He also has Gia and Josh. It’s kind of nice, he has some time to rebuild.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about Gia a little bit. She seems like a little troublemaker.
He realizes she’s looking for something to fight for. He’s just like, “Bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” [Editor’s note: Marcel is a plagiarizer.] They’re all a little damaged, they all want a better life and they’re all searching for something — whether they’re conscious of that or not. Gia has her heart in the right place, but she still needs to get her legs under her. Marcel and Elijah will be mentoring her and explaining things to her.

TVLINE | So much new information is introduced through flashbacks. Will we learn anything else from young(er) Marcel this season?
We’re going to learn a lot more about Marcel, actually. I just got some later scripts, and all the writers have been talking about this one flashback episode for weeks. We’ll get to see Marcel become a leader and step up, which is all part of his bigger journey. He’s in another transition period right now, so we’re going to look back and see what he did earlier in his life when he was looking for something bigger than himself.

TVLINE | This week is also the big Esther dinner. Why wasn’t Marcel invited?
Oh, it’s strict family-only.

TVLINE | I mean, he’s practically family.
He is, but he’s like that best friend that comes over for dinner. Then when the parents get angry and things get heated, they’re just like, “Marcel, go home!” And he’s like, “OK, bye, see you guys tomorrow.”

TVLINE | Just like, “Bye, Mr. and Mrs. Mikaelson.”
[Laughs] Yes! “Hope you feel better.”

TVLINE | That said, is Marcel still going to find himself tangled in their family drama?
That’s always his dilemma — being a part of the family, but not being a part of it. How does that define him? They’re all very damaged, and as we saw from last week’s flashback, they almost submit Marcel to some trauma. So is he going to get used to it and want to stick around, or is he going to set himself apart and have is own identity outside of it?

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The Originals 2.03 “Every Mother’s Son” Sneak Peek

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