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Papa Original Is Back! Sebastian Roché Dishes on His Return to The Originals and a Possible Family Reunion in Season 2

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Daddy’s home!



The Originals fans were shocked at the end of the season one finale when Mikael (Sebastian Roché), father of the Original vampires, returned to the land of the living, vowing to kill all his children once and for all. But his return came with strings attached.

Specifically, strings attached to young witch Davina (Danielle Campbell), who has complete control over the violent and vengeful vampire vampire-hunter. That’s good news for Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), and every other Original vampire out there, since Mikael is still seriously out for their blood.

We put on our brave face and confronted the scary Papa Original himself to talk all things season two, including whether or not we’ll see a giant Original family reunion. After all, Mama Original Esther also returned from the dead in a new body, taking one of her sons (Is it Kol or Finn?) with her.


Roché didn’t always know that he’d be back for good on The Originals, but he did know he wasn’t finished with playing the character. “When you have Originals in the title and you’re Papa Original, I knew that eventually I was going to pop my head in,” Roché said with a laugh. “The first five episodes are going to be very intense and it’s going to be quite an epic season, there’s no question about it. We’re in store for some amazing confrontations between Mikael and his sons.”

And Klaus and Elijah better watch out, because those confrontations aren’t going to be filled with fatherly hugs and sunshine and rainbows. Mikael’s time on The Other Side didn’t diminish his anger at Klaus for killing Esther.

“Mikael has this thousand-year-old rage and desire for revenge for his son,” Roché said. “There are going to be some different aspects this time around but that desire for revenge will be there still. You’ll see different layers to the character through flashbacks, and we’ll see the history of some of the other characters of our family as well as others like Hayley [Phoebe Tonkin] and Cami [Leah Pipes] and Davina.”


And speaking of Davina, the little witch really came into her own when she exerted her power over Mikael to stop him from killing Klaus and his newborn daughter Hope in the finale. Yeah, he was really going to kill a baby! Talk about major daddy issues. Should Davina watch her back now that Mikael knows she’s got full control over him? Not exactly, according to Roché.

“Actually, there are moments where you’ll see that Mikael and Davina have this almost teacher/pupil relationship, even though Mikael is rough around the edges in those terms, but he doesn’t mind her for being brave enough to stand up to him,” he said. “Because nobody stands up to Mikael so anyone who does gets more credit in his eyes. That relationship is going to be an interesting one to watch.”

Another relationship Roché can’t wait for the fans to see play out onscreen is that of married couple Mikael and Esther, who have been apart for over 1,000 years. But unfortunately we’re going to have to wait a while to see that reunion.

“He doesn’t know Esther returned too,” Roché said. “I can’t wait until they meet and find out they’ve both returned. It will be quite interesting when Mikael finds out that he’s surrounded by his entire family again. The emotional ramifications of that encounter will be fascinating. We don’t know if she’s going to come back as who he knew 1,000 years ago, but she’s still the embodiment of his wife. She was someone that he loved deeply and she was torn away from him. Then he took the blame for her death, so of course it’s going to be very emotional.”

And now that mostly every Mikaelson family member is back in New Orleans, Roché wants to see them all sit down for one big family dinner. “I don’t know if this will happen, but I’d really love to see the whole Original family meet, together, in a mea culpa session in modern times,” he added. “And I would be excited not to see me die! For a whole season! I tend to die in everything I do so I’d like to survive this time.”


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The Originals 2.01 “Rebirth” Sneak Peek #1

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The Originals – Season 2 – Promo

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The Originals – Season 2 – Synopsis

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Season two finds our heroes adjusting to a new status quo, with the newly empowered werewolves controlling the city and a myriad of unknown threats lurking. Though Klaus and Hayley have vowed to scorch the earth in order to make New Orleans a safe home for their daughter, Hope, they also have inner demons to battle. As she adjusts to life as a hybrid, Hayley experiences crippling rage and depression after saying goodbye to her daughter, and Klaus – who needs his strength now more than ever – finds himself regularly weakened as the werewolves use the moonlight rings forged in his blood. Elijah, finding himself isolated from his troubled family, sets out to destroy Francesca (guest star Peta Sergeant) and her traitorous werewolves, connecting with Marcel and his renewed vampire community in the process. Despite the dangerous climate of the city, Cami recommits to her studies and to pursuing the life she wanted before she met Klaus – but the werewolves in the Quarter aren’t the only enemies preventing New Orleans from any semblance of peace.

Unbeknownst to Klaus and Elijah, their ruthlessly devious parents have returned from the dead. Though their father, Mikael (guest star Sebastian Roché), is controlled by Davina’s magic, he remains ever-intent on killing Klaus – even if he has to go through Davina to do it. Elsewhere, their mother, Esther (guest star Alice Evans), inhabiting the body of a teenage witch, is fueled by a consuming and twisted love for her children as she devises a disturbing plan to reunite her fractured family – a plan that involves untold torment not only for the Original siblings, but for any and all of their loved ones.

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The Originals Season 2 Casting Spoilers: New WereWolf, Aiden, Will Upset Klaus & The Big Easy

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The Originals has just cast Devious Minds alum, Collin Woodell, in a recurring role for season 2. Woodell has been tapped to play



…a badass werewolf named Aiden, who is respected and feared.



Aiden is a lieutenant in the leading werewolf army and will do whatever it takes to protect his family, including teaming up with the right witches. We will first see Aiden in episode 4 and he will enjoy a mutually beneficial, non-romantic, relationship with Davina; he will be teaching her how to extend her power.

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The Originals Spoilers: Claire Holt Confirmed For Season 2

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The Vampire Diaries and Originals alum, Claire Holt, exited the CW hit at the end of The Originals Freshman season with baby Hope in tow. Showrunner Julie Plec revealed at this years’ SDCC that Holt would be returning in season 2. Plec was vague on how many episodes we can expect to see the Original sister in, but spoiled that we definitely would see Rebekah at least once in the first three episodes.




She likely won’t be coming empty-handed, either. Julie says the writers are all dying to see Hayley and Klaus hold their child once more, but they’re “still working to build to that moment.

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The Originals Spoilers: Klaus’ Early Years, “Rebirth” For Season 2, Plus Fresh Scoop On Haylijah

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The Originals will start it’s sophomore season Monday, October 6th on the CW. The season 2 opener is titled “Rebirth” and  Executive Producer Julie Plec spoils that it has a two fold meaning. Rebirth will be an underlying theme throughout season 2 and some of that will stem from the confrontation Elijah and Klaus will have with their parents. It won’t be long before Mikael and Esther’s presence is known throughout the Quarter.



Not only is it[Rebirth] indicative of the episode’s theme — the loss of Klaus’ baby, the start of his new life, etc. — but it also has a special meaning for the show, itself. Every title we use, we try to make it a song title from New Orleans or an artist from New Orleans, Plec said. Rebirth is one of the best brass bands in New Orleans, and they were in our pilot. We’ve been waiting to use that title for 22 episodes.



Plec and fellow producer Michael Narducci have the freshest scoop for what’s in store in the Big Easy for our Original family & friends, including Elijah and Hayley’s would be romance and a flashback fest of Klaus’ early years.






Unfortunately, it sounds like Hayley and Elijah’s relationship will be taking a step back in Season 2. [Hayley] and Klaus are the only two hybrids in existence now, so Elijah will inevitably wonder, ‘Is there a connection between my brother and Hayley that I could never surpass?’” Narducci explained. There’s going to be some interesting friction. Ultimately, Elijah is going to have to decide, ‘Do I want to help this girl?’


Klaus’ Flashbacks To The Early Years 



Season 2, Narducci explained, is all about confronting the sins of the past. We’re very much defined by our parents, but as we become adults, we begin to choose our own paths. … Klaus is very much a product of his abusive father, and very much a product of his mother. In going deeper into Klaus’ moral origins, we’ll see flashbacks to when he was a child, as well as right before he became a vampire. All of this will examine what his relationship was with his mother, and the sense of betrayal that he felt when she came back from the dead and judged him as an abomination.

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The Originals Season 2 Spoilers: Hayley Has Her Own Agenda, While Klaus’ Vengeance Finds Purpose

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When The Originals returns in the Monday, October 6th, Hayley, Elijah and Klaus will all be reeling in the tragedy of having to give up baby HopeHowever everyone’s focus differs slightly, and EP Michael Narducci spoils that Klaus will have a singular desire that will be outlined with the bodies of everyone standing in his way.



Everyone has a different reaction to tragedy. Some people look to replace it with another love, some people focus on self-improvement, but Klaus has decided that he will only imagine a day when he’ll be reunited with [Hope] while he destroys everyone keeping that child away from him, executive producer Michael Narducci spoils. So he will make everyone [pay] and that’s a very Klaus-ian response. Some people said, ‘Oh, Klaus is so sensitive and emotional this season’ and I like that stuff, but I feel like Joseph is so good at playing vindictive and dangerous and now he gets to be that with purpose.




Hayley will be a broken version of herself, a far cry from the strong, independent woman in season 1. Her main focus will also be on revenge, but she will once again be faced with having no family.




In the early episodes, you will see her shattered, Narducci says. There’s postpartum depression and then there’s postpartum depression when you’ve given up the baby, died and were reborn as a hybrid and you don’t know what it’s all about. The thing that defined Hayley in Season 1, besides interaction with the Original family, was her desire to find her family, he says. She found her family and right at the moment when she connected with them and saw she had a purpose and a legacy to be a part of thiswerewolf pack, she’s now completely severed from that connection to the point that those werewolves look at her as just another vampire. So what will her reaction be? [She'll] pull herself up from the depths of a very low place and find a purpose which is similar in some ways to what Klaus wants … to make her enemies suffer. But she also has another agenda, which is really cool.

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The Originals Spoilers: Elijah’s S–t Season 2, Plus Esther’s Agenda

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The Originals will have a whole new set of worries when season 2 premieres in October. Elijah’s interests will be threatened in a familiar way, while Esther and the mystery brother’s agenda will reveal itself early in season 2.


Elijah should be nervous about a lot of things. Elijah is going to go through some s–t this year at the beginning of the season, Julie Plec told us. It’s not going to be all puppy dogs and rainbows for him at all. And one thing he’ll definitely have to worry about? Hayley reconnecting with Jackson, as Nathan Parsons will make his return about six episodes in.


Bonus Scoop: Esther and Finn’s(?) Return


Do we know that it’s Finn? executive producer Michael Narducci muses when my colleague Robyn Ross asked him the same thing. Regardless, Esther and whoever was with her will make their names known soon. If you think about the kind of stories that Julie Plec tells … based on that you have a sense of how quickly we’ll play it out, who’s returned, what their agenda is and we’ll start to see some pretty intense complications before too long.

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